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Ataya introduces Chorus, a game-changer for private 5G deployment
Wed, 31st Jan 2024

Ataya, known for its network solutions, has recently launched Chorus, a standalone 5G Access Point (AP). With a concentrate on Zero-Touch deployment, Chorus aims to simplify and economise the process for organisations wanting to implement private 5G networks.

This is especially beneficial for small to medium deployments where traditional barriers like complexities, additional hardware and high costs have been prohibitive to adopting 5G in private networks, the company states.

Historically, those requiring small to medium deployments face distinctive needs compared to larger-scale deployments. The small space availability for additional server or hardware, such as construction sites, parking garages, insufficient IT expertise for configuration, and a smaller budget envelope, are just some of the factors setting them apart. Until Chorus, the attempts to simplify these systems resulted in restricted functionality by only permitting single node-only deployments or mandating that all user traffic is routed through a public cloud, Ataya states.

Chorus is a significant development in the private 5G market. By emphasising simplicity, turnkey solutions, and cost-effectiveness, it facilitates many deployments previously out of reach with traditional 5G solutions. Chorus significantly expands the 5G market, making it accessible to sectors as varied as gas stations, retail parking lots, smart agriculture and public-emergency infrastructure.

The key features of Chorus include unparalleled ease of deployment, enabling 5G access to a wider range of users. Managing all deployments from a centralised dashboard makes multi-tenancy and multi-site operations effortless. Chorus decreases the expense of private 5G deployment by eliminating the need for additional hardware and expert IT technicians.

"Existing solutions don't go far enough in simplifying Private 5G deployments. They typically require additional hardware, high costs, or expert IT technicians to deploy 5G," shared Puneet Sethi, SVP of Products at Ataya. "Chorus enables all the security and low latency functionality expected of 5G deployments without any of the traditionally associated overhead cost and complexity."

Opticoms, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) catering to various sectors, and working with Ataya Harmony for global markets, including Korea and Japan, has seen excellent customer feedback. The company is now expanding its relationship to include Chorus. "Simplification is much needed for certain segments of our customers who want to rapidly deploy small-scale 5G networks. The innovation offered by Chorus uniquely meets the needs of the customers who prioritise simplicity, security, and fast service delivery." stated Jeff Kim, Deputy CEO, Qucell.

"Chorus is a game-changer for Opticoms and our customers in the world of edge computing and private 5G networks... But with Chorus on the horizon, we are confident that those barriers will be shattered. It promises to provide us with the tools and capabilities to fully leverage the potential of Opticoms edge computing and private 5G solutions," shared Johann S. Schmid, CEO of Opticoms.