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Cradlepoint pioneers AI functionality for 5G network security
Wed, 31st Jan 2024

Cradlepoint, a global expert in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions, has announced new AI functionality designed to enhance the efficiency and security of 5G networks.

This positions Cradlepoint as the first enterprise 5G router vendor to specifically focus on AI integration for cellular networking. Included is the utilisation of generative AI tools acquired from the security service Ericom to reduce the risk of data leakage.

The company's AI features are designed to streamline the operation and improve the performance of enterprise networks leveraging 5G capabilities. The AI offering includes a series of integrated tools: the NetCloud AIOps Dashboard; AI-based NetCloud Assistant, known as ANA; Network Traffic Analysis system; and GenAI Data Loss Prevention.

The NetCloud AIOps Dashboard provides a single platform for identifying performance issues, localising the source, and pinpointing affected users and applications.

By focusing on cellular networking, NetCloud AIOps transforms cellular signal quality indices, such as proximity to cell tower, the signal quality, and strength, into actionable insights to enhance performance.

ANA employs natural language processing technology, assisting NetCloud users with routine enquiries concerning their network's operation. From suggesting suitable cellular endpoints for specific scenarios to troubleshooting network performance, ANA will act as a crucial support in simplifying regular operations.

Network Traffic Analysis offers centralised visibility for traffic analysis and forensics. Later this year, the service will leverage AI to establish standard traffic patterns for the most common 5G applications such as distributed IoT, vehicles, and sites, and flag any anomalies that might suggest a security breach.

GenAI Data Loss Prevention addresses a significant issue facing 79% of organisations which are adopting generative AI without established policies. This solution applies access policies to prevent the inclusion of confidential data, personally identifiable information, or other sensitive data in the generative AI site, which could potentially be exposed in future responses. The use of Ericom’s remote browser isolation technology also guards against 'weaponised' responses infecting employee assets.

Cradlepoint's CMO, Donna Johnson, emphasises the innovative direction the company is taking: "As Cradlepoint continues to prioritise innovation, our AI strategy exemplifies our commitment to accelerating the deployment of 5G for businesses by enhancing the visibility, manageability, and performance of the cellular network."

Johnson added that the new system allows security organisations to regulate how their employees utilise generative AI tools, protecting them from misuse that could lead to a data leak or a malware infection.

From a client perspective, Ian Beason, Director of Technology and Innovation at Motor City Wash Works, shared: "Cradlepoint’s new AIOps capabilities will allow our lean IT team to scale with our growing customer base and manage our network more effectively while providing an enhanced level of service to our customers."