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EnOcean leads with sustainable IoT solutions for energy efficiency
Tue, 13th Feb 2024

EnOcean, a pioneer and market leader in energy harvesting and sensor-to-cloud solutions for sustainable Internet of Things (IoT) applications, is fostering energy management, office space optimisation, and wellbeing solutions of the future. Creating smarter and more sustainable living and working environments, these solutions significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, serving the pressing global megatrends of climate change, new working and living environments, and legal regulations.

Raoul Wijgergangs, CEO of EnOcean, emphasises that energy harvesting and sustainable IoT solutions provide highly efficient, productive, and environmentally friendly solutions for buildings, homes, and industrial facilities. He states, "Against this backdrop, we have developed IoT-based solutions for the key global megatrends of energy management, office space optimisation and wellbeing. With these, owners and tenants of houses, buildings and industrial facilities can use alternative energy sources, realise smarter and more sustainable working and living environments and ultimately significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions."

"With our energy harvesting technology, high-quality sensors, the cloud-based IoT connector, an end-to-end approach, and a large partner ecosystem, we have strategically developed our business model and aligned it with global megatrends. In doing so, we want to ensure the continued growth of EnOcean and make an important contribution to a future worth living for generations to come, taking into account economic, ecological and social aspects," says Wijgergangs.

EnOcean's offering revolves around three primary directions: sustainable energy management, office space optimisation, and improving overall wellbeing. For energy management, multi-layered energy optimisation options are offered; smart lighting and heating switches can be intelligently controlled to reduce energy use in unused rooms, for example significantly.

Regarding office space optimisation, new work models such as desk sharing are supported, creating a flexible, comfortable and climate-optimised working environment. This, in turn, optimises energy use, drives building automation, and eases the management of office and building landscapes. Finally, regarding wellbeing, automated temperature adjustments, lighting, and air conditions can effectively improve wellbeing and productivity in working environments.

These solutions have a resonating global impact. Wijgergangs claims, "Modern energy use through alternative and self-sufficient energy sources and sustainable IoT solutions are a win-win situation for companies and the environment. Our solutions not only open up value-adding options for owners and tenants, for example, through predictive maintenance and condition-based servicing but also reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in particular. 20 million sensors sold have already saved 1.484.000 tons of CO2."

EnOcean's latest offering substantiates its commitment to intelligent building automation, and these solutions are not just for the future but the present. "With our solutions, we create sustainable added value for intelligent building automation in compliance with national and international legal regulations. Our wireless, battery-free and maintenance-free sensors for energy harvesting and our cloud-based IoT connector help to analyse the collected data and make informed decisions to optimise building performance," says Wijgergangs.

These innovations will be displayed at the forthcoming Light + Building event in Frankfurt am Main, held from 3rd to 8th March 2024. EnOcean will exhibit its cutting-edge sensors and SmartServer under the theme "Sustainable IoT for Healthy and Green Buildings".