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Fortinet unveils rugged, compact device for harsh locations with 5G support
Fri, 9th Feb 2024

Fortinet has announced the launch of a new compact and ruggedised appliance, the FortiGate Rugged 70G with 5G Dual Modem. Explicitly designed for Operational Technology (OT) environments, the device provides high-enhanced secure networking capabilities and 5G connectivity. By incorporating the latest fifth-generation Fortinet Security Processing Unit (SP5), FortiGate Rugged 70G uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) security services from FortiGuard and a 5G dual modem to ensure high availability for numerous use cases in harsh, isolated surroundings, including full-service standalone Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in the banking sector.

John Maddison, Fortinet's Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of product strategy, has said, "Organisations across a variety of verticals increasingly require a fast, reliable, and secure networking architecture in remote locations and harsh environments... With its 5G dual modem, AI-powered security, and zero-trust features, our newest FortiGate provides the latest secure networking innovations in a single, powerful appliance built to withstand the toughest environments." Noting how the new FortiGate offering can help clients realise secure and simplified infrastructure, enhanced business efficiency and cost savings, as well as an exceptional user experience – even in the remotest locations.

Existing networks are expanding into new, remote locations that need to support and safeguard large amounts of sensitive traffic and data. Formerly, firms would have deployed multiple products to meet individual networking, security, and connectivity requirements at these locations. The FortiGate Rugged 70G with 5G Dual Modem aims to solve this problem, offering a single appliance that meets all networking, security, and connectivity needs in OT environments.

The new appliance brings 5G connectivity to the Fortinet portfolio for the first time and combines enterprise-grade threat protection with high-performing networking capabilities like software-defined wide area network and zero-trust network access. Additional key features of the FortiGate Rugged 70G include a 5G dual modem for seamless, fast communication, secure networking powered by the Fortinet SP5, compact form factor ideal for extreme environments, and AI-powered security services.

One of the primary use cases for the FortiGate Rugged 70G with 5G Dual Modem is deploying and managing remote ATMs, often placed in challenging environments such as stadiums, malls, or outdoors. It provides the networking functionality and top-notch security needed to deploy, secure, and manage remote ATMs, and its ruggedised form factor meets the durability requirements of ATMs in extreme heat or cold. Pete Finalle, a research manager with International Data Corporation, concluded that the Fortinet's expertise in integrating networking and feature-rich security into a single device built to endure extreme conditions is ideal for these applications. The addition of a 5G dual modem provides redundant connectivity for remote locations, ensuring availability and uninterrupted service.