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Kacific wins Innovation of the Year at SIG 2024 Awards
Tue, 2nd Apr 2024

Kacific Broadband Satellites Group has won the Innovation of the Year award at the Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG) 2024 Awards. The achievement acknowledges the CommsBox, an all-in-one portable Wi-Fi communications solution, and further builds on Kacific's celebrated portfolio, which includes the Cooperation of the Year Award win in 2022 from the SIG Awards. "The SIG Awards celebrate outstanding innovations in satellite communications, spotlighting revolutionary solutions and collaborative efforts," the press release stated.

The unique defining feature of the CommsBox is that it is the first of its kind developed as a turnkey solution to specifically address the distinctive disaster response requirements in the Asia Pacific region. Its principal service is to provide first responders, organisations, and government agencies with a communication solution that relies on satellite connectivity when local on-ground infrastructures are destroyed during natural disasters.

Understanding the vulnerability of the Asia Pacific region to natural disasters and increasing climate change challenges, Kacific crafted the CommsBox to be a self-contained, military-grade framed solution to such problems. The CommsBox is water, fire, and shock resistant, enabling it to withstand adverse weather conditions. Its weather-proof, all-in-one container comes equipped with built-in solar panels along with an auto-tracking maritime antenna that connects to the Kacific1 satellite. With the capability to provide reliable connectivity with speeds of up to 55Mbps, independent of terrestrial infrastructure, its batteries can be charged using the built-in solar panels, ensuring continued reliable connectivity.

Since its launch in 2022, multiple government agencies in Fiji, Indonesia, and the Philippines have adopted the CommsBox, which has gained prestigious recognition at various awards, including the Gold Stevie Award for ‘Achievement in Product Innovation’.

Kacific continues to strengthen its position as the go-to partner for multiple government agencies with the recent introduction of the CommsBox Ultra and the upcoming launch of another portable instant communications solution, Satpack, later this year. These developments display a steadfast commitment by Kacific to ensure access to vital communication even in times of crisis.

These achievements are backed by the dedicated support and collaboration of more than 600 partners, internet service providers, and distributors. As Kacific expands its service offerings, the company remains dedicated to its vision of universal access to affordable connectivity and empowering local communities. Its achievements at the SIG 2024 Awards mark sustained dedication to innovation and excellence and reflect its transformative influence within the satellite communications industry.