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CommScope revolutionises 5G with major Open RAN advancements
Thu, 22nd Feb 2024

CommScope, a global specialist in network connectivity, making tracks in the Open RAN (Radio Access Network) sector with three major advancements to its network portfolio, thereby enabling more open, sustainable, and unified 5G indoor networks.

The company has launched support for third-party Open RAN Distributed Units (O-DUs) on two of its pioneering digital platform solutions, namely the ERA DAS (distributed antenna system) and the Open RAN-compliant ONECELL small cell. Moreover, it is also integrating Open RAN support for its in-building radios seamlessly.

Upendra Pingle, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Cellular Networks, at CommScope asserted that Open RAN's scope has traditionally been restricted mainly to optimising macro and outdoor networks. However, CommScope has expanded these benefits to indoor networks. This expansion assures unprecedented flexibility in delivering on-site 5G coverage, capacity, and control for both public and private networks. "These innovations are a testament to CommScope's commitment to advancing 5G and underscore our ongoing investment in our partner ecosystem," added Pingle.

CommScope is taking the initiative to include native Open RAN interface support for ERA systems, thus widening its current support for third-party interoperability. This strategy allows venues to welcome fully digital open 5G connectivity, not just for the DAS, but also for MNO (mobile network operator) and private network connectivity. The ERA platform’s O-DU support facilitates new deployment models with zero-touch configuration, state-of-the-art performance, and minimal in-venue MNO footprints. This strategy could reduce the environmental impact of traditional DAS deployments by nearly 90%.

For the ONECELL platform, CommScope is extending its current virtualised open fronthaul access to support third-party O-DUs, which makes it an industry pioneer. This extension allows MNOs to exploit both native small cell and new Open RAN integration options while accelerating multi-operator 5G adoption for enterprises.

In a bid to converge and streamline radio selection, CommScope is also extending Open RAN support to its software-defined radios across both the ERA and ONECELL platforms. Such a move facilitates customer adaptation to evolving technologies, all the while enjoying seamless, high-quality cellular coverage.

Kyung Mun, Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts, observed that the integration of DAS and small cell technology has been anticipated for some time as a facilitator for flexible coverage and network solutions in indoor settings. "CommScope's adoption of Open RAN for the ERA and ONECELL platforms is an excellent example of this convergence as operators and enterprises seek flexible indoor networks to extend 5G services into public and private venues," she noted.

CommScope states it is pushing the boundaries of technology to create the world’s most advanced wired and wireless networks. The global team of employees, innovators and technologists are focused on helping customers to 'anticipate what’s next and invent what’s possible'.