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India's 'Green Revolution 2.0' spearheaded by Agri-Tech and NGO
Thu, 4th Jan 2024

India's Plasma Water Solutions, an Agri-Tech subsidiary of a US company, and one of India's leading NGOs, The Heartfulness Institute, are set to develop what is being termed 'Green Revolution 2.0', an initiative aimed at ensuring sustainable food security.

The two organisations have signed a collaboration agreement to use their combined resources and expertise in support of this venture.

Plasma Water Solutions’ proprietary breakthrough cold-plasma technology transforms water from any source into Plasma-ized Water (PW). This technology is employed for seed treatment, and crop spray irrigation to accelerate growth, prevent the transmission of pathogens, and enhance plant stress tolerance. The sustainable manner in which it enhances food productivity aligns with the principles advocated by The Heartfulness Institute.

The Heartfulness Institute, with over 150 years of shared experience and expertise in areas such as Forestry and Environmental Engineering, received the Platinum Honour from the Indian Green Building Council in 2019. The institute is instrumental in raising native and endangered plants in India, and plays an active role in various public-private afforestation projects.

"The institute has been promoting conservation practices in agriculture, offering training to farmers on natural solutions and methods to advance plant, soil health and water health," said Robert Hardt, President and CEO of Plasma Water Solutions Inc. He considers The Heartfulness Institute as a strategic partner in propelling the company's R&D activities in India, with a view to spreading the results to the wider world.

Trials have been undertaken to test the effects of Plasma Water treatment at The Heartfulness Institute's Kanha Shantivanam centre, as it seeks to improve the health of a wide range of crops, from food staples to hydroponics and nurseries. This partnership will see the continuation of such trials, with the results used to advise the farming community and other agricultural stakeholders.

The President of Heartfulness Institute, Kamlesh D Patel, said "Our experience with Plasma Waters has been very positive. It has shown significant results in germination, stand quality and disease management. As this is a natural, sustainable solution, we hope to contribute to the R&D activities of the company in India."

Though primarily focused on refining human consciousness through meditation, the Heartfulness Institute is also active in fields such as education and reskilling. Working on principles of achieving maximum output with minimum inputs, the institute successfully transformed the arid, 1,700-acre campus in the Reddy District, Telangana, into a lush green oasis.

Pragya Kalia, MD, Plasma Water Solutions India, appreciates the "diverse platform for demonstration and continuous refinement of tech" that the Heartfulness Institute offers, endorsing their approach to balancing traditional farming, horticulture and afforestation projects.

Heartfulness' Joint Secretary, Vamsi Chalagulla, remarks on how seamlessly Plasma Waters' technology complements the Institute's work, considering it a natural fit that aids the farming community in multiple ways. It looks as though this innovative collaboration is set to revolutionalise the way farmers approach agriculture in light of a sustainable, green future.