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JT & RoamsysNext launch revolutionary IoT Certification Manager
Tue, 6th Feb 2024

The global telecommunication firm JT announced the unveiling of its IoT Certification Manager, a novel software solution that provides immense support for network operators and businesses worldwide. This new development promises to revolutionise the way network operators conduct their operations.

The sophisticated software solution was launched in collaboration with RoamsysNext, a highly regarded software developer based out of Luxembourg. The collaboration seeks to integrate the best of both companies, amalgamating JT's innovative streak with RoamsysNext's expertise in software development in order to create a state-of-the-art IoT Certification Manager.

Marcus Irwin, Head of Product Innovation at JT, expressed great enthusiasm for the launch of the IoT Certification Manager. He highlighted the collaboration with RoamsysNext, emphasising the development of a top-notch software solution. "We are incredibly excited about this project", he stated. "By collaborating with RoamsysNext, we have been able to produce a software solution of the highest quality. Our IoT Certification Manager is set to make life much easier for network operators and businesses all over the globe."

The newly launched IoT Certification Manager software is geared towards helping network operators optimise their operations, providing a streamlined, efficient solution for managing their business processes. While it promises increased productivity, the solution also proposes to provide significant boosts in operational efficiency.

Cooperation between the global telecom company and the Luxembourg software developer is a testament to the growth and dynamism within the technological sector. With the telecommunications industry witnessing rapid advances in technology, there is an increasing need for innovative software solutions that can keep up with the pace. JT's IoT Certification Manager promises to meet this urgent requirement by offering advanced, efficient service to network operators and businesses.

Irwin explained the purpose behind introducing the IoT Certification Manager, expressing the hope that the new tool will revolutionise how network operators and businesses handle their operations. The goal is to enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall profitability. He stated, "We hope that our new tool will transform the way network operators and businesses manage their operations, bringing greater efficiency, productivity, and, ultimately, profitability. It is our mission to offer innovative solutions that keep pace with the demands of an evolving industry."

In producing this solution, JT continues its trajectory towards being a forerunner in the telecom industry, providing the necessary tools and services that apply cutting-edge technology to everyday business practice.

This development firmly positions JT at the forefront of telecommunications innovation. The successful collaboration with RoamsysNext for the IoT Certification Manager highlights the company's commitment to leveraging partnerships in order to deliver the highest quality products. As the global business world jumps onto the IoT bandwagon, the unique IoT Certification Manager from JT stands as a beacon of innovation and progress, signalling a robust future for the telecom industry.