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Lifecycle Software unveils NEXUS for swift, efficient MVNO launch
Thu, 21st Mar 2024

Global OCS and BSS provider, Lifecycle Software, has announced the launch of its new MVNE platform, NEXUS. The platform promises to enable neo telcos and MVNOs to go to market in under three months, a timeframe significantly quicker and more cost-efficient than previously achieved in the market, the company states. The multi-tenanted approach of NEXUS also enables MNOs to manage multiple MVNOs effectively.

Touted as a 'first of its kind', NEXUS provides all the necessary network integrations as well as an array of in-built applications and automated workflows. This ensures that new telcos and MVNOs can enter the market rapidly while maintaining operational agility and providing a high-quality customer experience. With the introduction of NEXUS, virtually any brand can potentially become an MVNO.

NEXUS differentiates itself through the quick market-entry time it offers. Automated workflows and self-service capabilities enable MVNOs to commence operations in fewer than three months. The platform comes with ready-to-use interfaces for customer onboarding and care front end (Web & App). Completely white-labelled, any digital brand can customise the colours and graphics to align with their brand identity without any IT requirements. The platform also offers an end-to-end functionality inclusive of onboarding, billing, real-time charging, SIM provisioning, CRM, and customer engagement.

Talking about the challenges a company faces when launching mobile services like regulatory requirements, upfront investments, and complex legacy systems, Lifecycle Software CEO Kelvin Chaffer said, “The appetite for new mobile digital offerings has been expanding and eSIM will further encourage new entrants. With NEXUS, it has never been cheaper or faster to launch and operate an MVNO. This offers digital brands the requisite agility, reliability, and flexibility for triumph. NEXUS 'Telco in a Box' approach is simple - anyone can launch a neo-telco and become an MVNO."

As it stands, NEXUS is being utilised by leading operators to monetise network capacity and increase the reach of telecom wholesale. The MVNO model has seen garnering interest across multiple industries, offering businesses the chance to create new revenue streams by integrating mobile services into their portfolios seamlessly. With the launch of their MVNO, businesses can diversify their offer to customers, enhance customer engagement, and bolster customer retention.

Lifecycle Software is a global solution provider for network operators, MVNOs, IoT providers, and a host of partner businesses. Their software facilitates mobile telecoms and subscription-based businesses to thrive in an increasingly connected world. The company prides itself on maintaining future-ready software, introducing innovative ideas and updating its software to comply with changing regulations, technological advancements, and evolving business needs.