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TILTLABS expands into Geospatial Digital Twins for smart urban development
Sat, 14th Oct 2023

TILTLABS, a pioneering leader in Geospatial Digital Twins technology, is set to become a major player in shaping future urban environments with its expansion to 'Digital Twins'. This innovative evolution offers an advanced suite of tools designed to enable investors, infrastructure developers, and decision-makers to create more sustainable, efficient, and data-driven urban spaces.

At the heart of this expansion is the incorporation of Geospatial Digital Twins into TILTLABS' robust portfolio. Positioned as a game-changer for urban development, Geospatial Digital Twins offer unique insights and capabilities that will influence how we plan, construct, and manage our cities.

Research from Gartner suggests that by 2025, over 50% of public infrastructure organisations will be utilising digital twins in some capacity, a significant increase from less than 5% in 2019. This points toward an increasing trend of implementing this technology to facilitate the development of future smart cities.

Geospatial Digital Twins have experienced such growth due to advancements in data acquisition, cloud analytics, and edge computing, allowing these tools to become smarter and faster. This progress paves the way for adaptive urban environments that can dynamically react to ensure real-time safety, efficiency, and livability.

Nikhil Chandran, CEO of TILTLABS, expressed his vision for Geospatial Digital Twins: "We are thrilled to take a significant step forward in our mission to create smarter, more resilient urban environments. The future holds immense promise as Geospatial Digital Twins will allow us to visualise and simulate cities like never before. We envision an urban landscape where every decision is data-driven, sustainability and efficiency coexist, and cities evolve with intelligence."

The expansion of TILTLABS' services promises a novel era in urban planning and development, offering investors and infrastructure developers myriad advantages. These include comprehensive real-time data for informed decision-making and predictive analytics, optimised resource allocation to reduce costs and environmental impact, early risk mitigation during planning stages, sustainably-maintained urban growth, and enhanced collaboration between stakeholders.

TILTLABS is geared towards delivering these innovative solutions with high quality and precision. With the inclusion of Geospatial Digital Twins to its repertoire, it aims to advocate the global adoption of these advanced technologies, thereby significantly contributing to the creation of smarter urban environments.

In order to ensure the success of this expansion, TILTLABS has already initiated strategic partnerships with key industry players and academic institutions, thus consolidating their position as leaders in Geospatial Digital Twins technology.

This growth initiative by TILTLABS represents a major step towards the creation of more sustainable, efficient, and data-driven urban environments. Their visionary approach, alongside the integration of Geospatial Digital Twins, is poised to reshape the urban development landscape. Investors, infrastructure developers and urban planners seeking to engage in this transformative journey are welcomed to explore the new horizons that TILTLABS' Geospatial Digital Twins offer.