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VIAVI & Optiva announce tech innovations for Mobile World Congress
Tue, 30th Jan 2024

Ahead of next month's Mobile World Congress (MWC), VIAVI Solutions and Optiva have thrown their hats in the ring, announcing a range of innovative technologies and regulatory discussions they will bring to the event.

VIAVI Solutions, one of the world’s largest test and measurement companies, works with sectors ranging from telecommunications and consumer electronics to aerospace and anti-counterfeiting. The company is at the forefront of technological evolution, being the only test and measurement entity that has worked on every generation of telecommunication technology right from the lab to the field.

At this year's show, VIAVI will showcase its expertise in transitioning from 5G to 6G technology, discussing the latest R&D in 6G and how operators are harnessing 5G deployments with cutting-edge virtualization and automation technologies. Their CTO, Sameh Yamany, recently testified at a hearing of the House Communications and Tech Subcommittee on AI, reaffirming their commitment to this field.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) regulation in the telecommunications industry will also be a key topic for VIAVI. As AI systems become a part of enhancing network security, resiliency and efficiency, the company maintains that discussions are crucial to establishing regulations and guidelines that balance innovation, security and public interest.

Another major point of interest for VIAVI is the emergence of fully automated network operators, or 'Dark NOCs'. The company will showcase how technologies utilising AIOps, such as NITRO AIOps, are transforming telecommunications networks, paving the way for fully automated networks.

Alongside VIAVI is Optiva, a cloud technology provider relied upon by over 50 telecommunications companies worldwide. Optiva's technology tackles over a billion transactions per hour, with Google Cloud and Azure being just a couple of major names utilising their services to deploy cloud technologies for operators.

At the MWC, Optiva plans to showcase how operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) are utilising GenAI via their BSS platform. The company will present use cases from their collaboration with Google, in which they integrated with Google Analytics, BigQuery and GenAI tools.

The company will also focus on the rise of a new AI-driven generation of devices, with companies like Humane AI using Optiva's cloud technology to create an 'invisible network' where devices power on discreetly with a 5G/4G connection.

Optiva also seeks to highlight how enterprises in emerging markets in Africa and Asia are leapfrogging telcos as they launch MVNOs with cloud architecture. Nova Energy and Exito are among those benefiting from this lean approach, which requires no expensive data centres, complex billing systems or prolonged network rollouts. Optiva's CEO, Robert Stabile, and VP of GTM, Joy King, will be available for interviews at the MWC.

The cutting-edge advancements and thoughtful discourses both VIAVI and Optiva plan to highlight at the MWC reflect their significant contributions to technology, security and development in the telecommunications sector.