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Whispir unveils innovative 'Transact' & 'Off-Platform Messaging' products
Wed, 20th Dec 2023

Digital communications firm Whispir has launched two new products to enhance its platform. These new offerings, Whispir Transact and Whispir Off-Platform Messaging are part of the company's commitment to innovation, having promised at the start of the financial year to launch at least one new product each quarter.

Whispir is a global communications intelligence company that supplies a no-code, Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform that enables seamless omnichannel interactions between organisations, their systems and people to solve common challenges in terms of compliance, deliverability and engagement across more than 60 countries.

The company's latest release, Whispir Transact, provides an integrated approach to delivering services such as payment gateways, electronic signatures, and general business process automation into messaging workflows. This solution aims to downsize returns on messaging investment and enhance recipient experience by driving high-value conversion through digital messaging workflows.

On the other hand, Whispir Off-Platform Messaging offers organisation-wide compliant messaging. It gives more people easier access to execute business messaging workflows at the optimum place and time, reducing cost and complexity. This feature ensures corporate security and compliance are not compromised.

Moreover, alongside these new services, Whispir has introduced emerging capabilities for silent authentication through a tight partnership with global telco API alliances. This opens innovative opportunities for next-generation on-device authentication services and network and device awareness. Hence, Whispir customers can leverage these services to create compelling end-to-end digital workflows targeting conversion funnels, subsequently driving engagement and revenue.

Jeromy Wells, CEO of Whispir, underscored the heightened importance of effective customer and employee engagement for enterprises. He emphasised the latest innovations from Whispir, which aim to provide additional value to customers and open up new revenue streams. The focus is on making communication and engagement at scale faster, smarter, and more productive.

Whispir's commitment to innovation is evident through investments in advanced and integrated digital messaging, ensuring privacy, security, and compliance. Ultimately, the goal is to drive increased business returns for Whispir's customers.

Jeromy Wells said, "Effective customer and employee engagement for enterprises has never been more crucial. The new Whispir innovations focus on delivering incremental customer value and generating new revenue streams for our customers, making communicating and engaging with people at scale faster, smarter, and more productive."

"Whispir continues to innovate through investment in advanced and integrated digital messaging, with a commitment to privacy, security, and compliance, driving increased business returns for our customers."

This continues a period of significant development for Whispir, which has released a total of four new products in the first quarter of the year. As part of its ongoing strategy, the company will continue focusing on improving its clients' engagement strategies through innovative software solutions.

Whispir is active in three major regions: Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), Asia, and North America. The company operates and extends its services across these geographical areas, catering to customers and businesses in these diverse markets.