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Zoom unveils new interactive app for Apple Vision Pro
Tue, 30th Jan 2024

Zoom has announced a new application developed for the Apple Vision Pro, launching on February 2nd. The app promises a more expansive, realistic environment for user interaction, essentially creating a more traditional, tangible meeting feel on a remote platform. The application integrates video conferencing within the users' physical area through Apple Vision Pro's infinite canvas, facilitating a heightened sense of connection and inclusion within distributed teams.

"Zoom on Apple Vision Pro helps teammates stay connected no matter when and where they work, or how they communicate and collaborate," Smita Hashim, Chief Product Officer at Zoom said. "The integration of Zoom on Apple Vision Pro and visionOS extends our platform promise of allowing participants the ultimate meeting experience from anywhere and delivers on our commitment of seamless collaboration and communication."

As work models continue to evolve, Zoom aims to keep the ease of communication at the forefront, supporting in-person, remote, and hybrid work structures. The new app promises an authentic experience for users, with quality audio and video, and an easy platform to start, join, collaborate, and schedule meetings. Users of Apple Vision Pro in particular, can look forward to some innovative features on Zoom, facilitated through visionOS.

Users will be represented via 'Personas', a spatial representation of their real selves, complete with the display of their facial and hand movements. The 'Spatial Zoom' feature provides an immersive experience which can be suitably scaled to create the sensation of sharing an actual room with colleagues and customers, with no additional physical equipment or set up required.

Additional features of the app will be launched later in the spring. These additions will include 3D object sharing, ideal for industries that need to share 3D files as part of their communication process. With this feature, sharing such files in the context of a particular environment could elevate the collaborative experience. The 'Zoom Team Chat' feature will integrate chat with Zoom meetings, thereby enabling easier sharing of information. The 'Real-world pinning' feature allows users to pin up to five Zoom Meeting participants in their physical space, further augmenting the sense of a shared physical presence.

The new app for Apple Vision Pro comes after Zoom's announcement in December 2023 about their new app for Apple TV. This furthers Zoom's goal to provide unlimited human connection through a single platform that caters to the entire Apple ecosystem, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and CarPlay. When Apple Vision Pro has its launch on February 2, 2024, users will be able to download the Zoom application from the App Store.