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Zyxel Networks launches WiFi 7 upgrade for SMBs, boosts speed and capacity
Thu, 7th Mar 2024

Zyxel Networks, a provider of secure, AI-powered cloud networking solutions, announced its newest offering: the NWA130BE BE11000 WiFi 7 Triple-Radio NebulaFlex Access Point. As WiFi 7-supported devices are set to go mainstream in 2024, this new access point (AP) promises to give Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) a major step-up in network speed, capacity, and overall WiFi experiences.

The new NWA130BE, designed as a go-to option for WiFi 7 upgrades, leverages a tri-band BE11000 structure which supports speeds up to 11Gbps, effectively doubling the bandwidth capacity of WiFi 6. The device exclusively utilises extra-wide 320MHz channels and a Qualcomm Quad-Core CPU. Additional features like 4K QAM and Multi-Link Operation (MLO) capabilities amplify peak data rates by up to 20%, while also reducing latency. Furthermore, the NWA130BE is equipped with two 2.5G Ethernet ports, infusing faster connectivity and enabling the use of affordable 2.5G switches, thus negating the expenses associated with re-cabling.

Zyxel Networks designed the NWA130BE with a unique rectangular form to maximise the distance between antennas and enhance the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). This results in reduced interference, a vital feature for high-density workspaces. The device's distinctive RF-first design also diminishes all potential interference, including that from nearby WiFi channels and 4G/5G mobile networks, via its Advanced RF Filter and Advanced Cellular Coexistence features.

Integrated with Zyxel Networks' Nebula cloud, the NWA130BE presents businesses with centralised management, ensuring full visibility and control over their networks. Nebula's AI-powered WiFi Aid and Wireless Health features intelligently diagnose network access issues across the entire wireless client journey. By utilising advanced algorithms, Nebula efficiently identifies and resolves common WiFi issues, saving administrators time spent on troubleshooting tasks. The NWA130BE also incorporates Nebula's Connect & Protect Plus (CNP+), an advanced cloud-delivered security service providing an additional layer of defense against a wide range of cyber threats.

"With the introduction of the NWA130BE, Zyxel Networks is setting a new standard for premium connectivity in business environments," says Crowley Wu, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Zyxel Networks. He further adds that the NWA130BE combines cutting-edge technology with a thoughtful design to deliver exceptional performance and simplified management through their Nebula platform. This holistic approach by Zyxel Networks aims to offer technologically advanced and innovative solutions that meet present and future demands, while ensuring that businesses stay at the forefront of networking developments.

Zyxel Networks is a provider of secure, AI-powered cloud networking solutions for SMBs and the enterprise edge, ensuring seamless connectivity and robust security.